Myths about therapy

Therapy is only for weak people.

Asking for help by engaging in therapy is a sign of courage. Therapy is hard work. There will be days you leave a session, feeling exhausted! During therapy, you may discover things you dislike about yourself or your life. The payoff is a greater understanding of who you are and less reliance on negative or harmful coping skills.

Only crazy people see therapists.

Today many people see therapists because the pace of life can be overwhelming. Therapists are trained to understand human feelings and behaviors and for this reason can help you learn healthier coping skills to handle the stress of everyday demands.

The past is the past; there is nothing you can do about it.

It is true; you cannot change what has happened in the past. However, in order for you to improve the present, you must make sense of your past in a way that helps positively shape the course of your future. This is accomplished by learning to recognize patterns from your past so you can make more positive choices, cope with adversity, and better overcome obstacles in the present.