Is therapy for you?

Do you find yourself…

Why Therapy?

Therapy is a great place to explore why you may be unhappy. It could be due to things that have to do with you, your relationships with others, or where you are in your life right now. Therapy provides a safe place where you can reflect on the changes you wish to manifest into your life. The therapist’s job is to provide you with a clear, unbiased, objective view on how you can best accomplish these changes and help you facilitate them with new ideas and behaviors. Therapy is about exploring the underlying reasons behind the symptoms that led you to this page in the first place. Therapy is about change. Therapy is about growth. Therapy is a partnership. Both you and your therapist contribute to your healing process. You are not expected to do the work of recovery all by yourself, but your therapist can’t do it for you either.

Your first session

The first appointment is usually the most difficult, especially if you have never talked to a therapist before. Starting therapy may cause you to feel nervousness, fear, self-consciousness, and/or feelings of vulnerability. This is normal because most of us do not talk to strangers about what is troubling us and additionally you may not know what to expect from me. Don’t worry! These feelings are normal. My clients regularly report that I am very easy to connect with and to open up to.

During your first session we will discuss: